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There are so many AS sites with links already, it didn't make sense to duplicate all that. This is more about specific references quoted in The FooDoo Lounge, as well as a couple of other things I thought were worth noting.

The AppleScript Language Guide

The ASLG is the primary reference for information regarding the language itself. Whilst it hasn't been updated for some time, it is still quite current as the core language doesn't change particularly often. This is a Good Thing™.

If you use OS X and have installed the Developer Tools, you already have both of the above resources. As long as you've left them in the default installation location, these links should be valid on your machine.

Developer Tools under 10.3 and later also includes an index of pretty much all the available AS documentation.

Other Apple Resources

AppleScript does have other documentation, namely the two PDFs linked below. They are also both quite old, though like the ASLG, are still reasonably current.

Other Useful References


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