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Stuff that may be of interest to other people who work with AppleScript.

baseLib 2.2.1

My standard library, used in everything I write myself. The handlers all very fast, robust, backward compatible (to AS 1.1) and it's only about 20k.

More Info | Download (85k)

Released/Updated: 21 August 2004

uiLib 1.0b3

Provides basic UI services with a very simple scripter interface & lots of flexibility - honest. :-) Includes full documentation, a demo script and the commented, editable library. Online info is an excerpt from the docs.

More Info | Download (52k)

Released/Updated: 15 July 2002

Speed Tester 1.1.1

My standard test script for comparing the speed of different algorithms. The file itself contains comprehensive comments & the package includes a copy of the Precision Timer osax.

Runs under classic MacOS as is, but is very simple to modify to use the GetMilliSec osax under OS X.

Download (10k)

Released/Updated: 05 July 2002


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