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PDF Print Services 1.0


PDF Print Services adds extra functionality to Print dialog boxes, allowing PDF files sent directly to applications (such as your email program) from within any Print dialog.

This AppleScript applet is based on a tip in MacAddict 92, April 2004.

Using it

Just double click the app to run. It will ask you to choose one or more applications. The new functionality will be available immediately from any application's Print dialog, which will now look something like this:

PDF Print Services screen shot

System Requirements

PDF Print Services requires OS 10.2 or later.


PDF Print Services is kiteWare. Please read the licence before using the software.

Download PDF Print Services (136k)

Additional Information for Scripters

The script simply creates the directory /Library/PDF Services/ (if required) and places alias(es) to your chosen application(s) there.


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