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I got sick of waiting so long for the "Open Dictionary..." dialog to come up in OS X, so I spent a lot more time writing a script to markup dictionaries for me. Then I spent an absurd amount of time adding internal links to some of them, before deciding it was finally time to learn regular expressions.

This is still not a great way to view dictionaries in my opinion but I find them easier to search & navigate than the standard interface and the markup is hopefully flexible enough to be improved on later. Most of these files contain anchors and links wherever appropriate, to allow internal navigation between items.


AppleScript's dictionary is not normally exposed to scripters, but Smile allows it to be viewed. It should not be used like a normal dictionary - it's hidden for good reasons - but it does have a full list of constants, language keywords and various other interesting, if somewhat arcane, bits of information. These include things such as suite definitions which appear to be templates for application developers.

Attempting to use things out of this dictionary in scripts is potentially dangerous, so don't blame me if you do it and all your hair falls out or something. It should also be noted that the AppleScript Language Guide is the place to look for info about what's allowed and how things should be used. Anything in this dictionary that is not in the ASLG should be ignored. You've been warned...


The points of major change in Finder scripting. Versions up to 9.x and after 10.2 are recordable.

Apple OSAXen & FBAs

Standard Additions

URL Access Scripting

Third Party Osaxen

A few of the hundreds available for classic MacOS & a couple of X-axen.

Jon's Commands


Apple Apps

Addresss Book



Print Center/Printer Setup Utility

QuickTime Player


System Events

System Preferences

Third Party Apps


An outstanding text editor that is recordable and attachable.

Claris Emailer



FileMaker Pro


These are the Australian versions. Very limited scripting - import from file & export to file pretty much - seems to be just for their helper apps.

Palm Desktop


Adaptec/Roxio Toast


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