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5 September 2004 - V1.1.5

The Alice update. Added another library - baseLib - to the Tools section and released Open Special Folders, which provides access to a whole swag of the folders defined by the path to command. Also added a page with some clues on how I mark up AS code. Added a couple of environment checking handlers - one for AS version, the other for system version.

Did a lot more work on browser compatibility and a bit more on appearance. Should now render acceptably in Netscape 4.x browsers and probably even be readable with stylesheets turned off. Oh, yeah, added another 60 or so AppleScript dictionaries while I was in the neighbourhood, including more versions of the Standard Additions osax. Also decided to change the syntax colouring of all the code to that of the default in 10.3.

22 July 2003 - V1.1.4

Added a couple of new handlers to the Routines section and released ClassicRunning - a utility for controlling OS X's Classic Environment. Lots of minor changes, updates & corrections. Completely rebuilt the site, using BBEdit include files, and stylesheet structure.

Look & Feel MkIII is "Calm & Collected", with just a touch of "Whaa!" to make it interesting. The addition of Charley Pride's "Behind Closed Doors" and "Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass have been strangely comforting additions to my "Cheesy But Cool" iTunes playlist and may have influenced the new look.

12 May 2003 - V1.1.3

Added a few more dictionaries including BBEdit, GraphicConverter and the all new Palm Desktop 4.1. Added a couple of new handlers including one to find files in OS X using the unix find command via do shell script. Wrote a new tutorial page to help people use handlers and made various updates and additions to other pages.

28 April 2003 - V1.1.2

Added about 30 AS Dictionaries of various Osaxen, Apple and third party apps. These include old versions of the Finder and Standard Additions osax for reference. Created a table derived from Folders.h (containing 4 character codes for use with the path to command) and added some stuff I gleaned from studying Gestalt.h (codes for getting various system attributes). Started adding full specifications and usage examples to handlers in the Routines section. Corrected various minor errors.

17 November 2002 - V1.1.1

Updated my Palm Desktop tutorial script and added some info and a few handlers. Fixed a few things I broke last time I uploaded pages.

Finally tracked down a copy of my favourite album - Next - by one of my favourite bands - The Necks - after catching them at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival. Feeling much better now.

13 November 2002

Added a whole swag of new handlers to the Routines section after improving the script that marks up my code. Changed the AS markup to use span tags so that code is readable in Netscape 4.x now, but it still doesn't look real well.

Tweaked the Look & Feel a bit, including the much requested addition of red stripes (in html compliant browsers) to make it go faster. This seemed to be a relatively harmless way to reflect my mid-life crisis - nowhere near as undignified as a hair transplant and considerably more affordable than a sports car. Found my towel, but now my thongs have disappeared. Froody.

11 August 2002 - V1.1

Worked out a way of marking up my AS syntax colouring - ugly isn't it? - so I decided to add a new section - sub-routines - and put up a few basic things I had kicking around. Checked the site in Netscape 4.7 and it looks really bad - my AS markup is useless! <sigh> Apologies to Netscape users, suggestions for improving the markup welcome...

The new section suggested some re-organisation and shifted the focus a bit, so I rewrote some content to reflect this. Decided that it needed to either be more serious or more whacky - went for both. Found the real FooDoo Lounge. Still looking for my towel.

7 August 2002

Added a few more articles to the Info section and uploaded all the rebuilt pages. Fixed some links - thanks to Bruce Robertson for pointing this out.

Re-wrote the site to use css and comply with the HTML 4.01 spec. Thanks Andy! On the way towards a logical structure now.

18 July 2002

Minor changes to front page & the Tax Calc ReadMe; minor update to uiLib.

10 July 2002

Finished preparing uiLib for distribution & uploaded.

5 July 2002

Added Speed Tester, a tool for comparing algorithm speeds

4 July 2002 - V1.0

Updated GST Calculator & renamed it Tax Calc. Fixes a carry over bug in the rounding code (thanks NG!) and adds full support for differing tax rates. Fixed a stupid bug in Process Killer & versioned this to b7.


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